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PoWiCup, the ultimate Kyykkä-tournament in the galaxy, is here once again!

Main tournament 22 is full booked but your team has a possibility to enrol queue.  More info here.

What PoWiCup is?

PoWiCup is kyykkä (= Finnish skittles) torunament organised by Polytekninen Willimiesklubi PoWi ry. During the event day teams compete against each others who is best to throw karttu (=wooden racket).

For who PoWiCup is?

All peoples who like outdoor activity, want have fun and enjoy friends and feeling of big sports festival! You can participant with team with 4-6 players. We have all needed materials also in English so understanding Finnish is not mandatory. The main tournament is open for all teams regardless of previous experience or backgrounds. Join and come spend an unforgettable day filled with fun and Finnish student traditions embodied by the Finnish winter!

I have never played Kyykkä before. Can I still join?

Absolutely! PoWiCup is meant for students and humans of any age, gender or experience. The main objective of PoWiCup is to promote the sport of kyykkä and to have a fun outdoor day with a touch of Finnish student culture. The only thing you must do is gather a team of 4-6 people. All of the required equipment is provided by the organizers, and in case you need help with the rules or other aspects of the game itself, we will be happy to instruct and guide you and your team!

Main tournament

The main tournament hosts up to 64 teams, so make sure to register your team early! The registration for teams to the main tournament starts on 6.12.2021 at 5 pm. PoWiCup costs 50 €/team which includes participation to the tournament for one team (4-6 players) and 4 PoWiCup-overall badges. You can buy extra badges from the event area!

Where is PoWiCup played?

PoWiCup 2022 will be played on 5.2.2022 on the parking lots behind LUT and LAB. The on-site game office is located outside of LAB UAS building. Games will start at 9am.

What PoWiCup costs?

PoWiCup costs 50 € for team which includes participation to the tournament for one team with 4-6 players and 4 PoWiCup-overall badges. You can buy extra badges from Cup area. Extra badge cost only 2 €.


The afterparty has been canceled due to COVID-19


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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PoWiCup responsible, PoWi ry
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Veera Leinonen

Company tournament responsible, PoWi ry
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Kuisma Saariaho

Chairman, PoWi ry
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