Main tournament is full booked!

Main tournament 2022 booked in less than three minutes. You can still register to queue and if some team cancel their participation and we have available spot for your team, we will contact you via email. . Registration to queue starts on 7th of December at 5pm.

Note! Captain is first player of the team. You need at least 4 persons (captain + 3 persons) in on team but up to six persons. So you need captain (=first player) plus from 3 to 5 player in one team.

You don’t need any experience or knowledge of Finnish skittles (kyykkä) before the tournament.

Registration fee is total 50 euros per team. And this includes amazing day with Finnish skittles, four after-party tickets and four overall badges. If your team have more than four players you can buy extra tickets to the after-party or more overall badges from the venue.

Registration information:

In enrolment-form will be asked: name and abbreviation of the team, captain’s name, email and phone number, number of team players (4,5 or 6) and if your team language is finnish or english.

You will be contacted ONLY if you get a free spot to the main tournament!


Welcome to play kyykkä and enjoy a great winter day in Skinnarila!